Weber Q220 – Among the Best BBQ Grills for Portability

Weber Q220 the Best BBQ Grills(120 customer reviews)  Amongst the best BBQ grills on the market, the Weber Q220 Gas Grill is designed to effectively and safely cook the finest foods in order for you to satisfy guests and host great outdoor parties. As a long-time manufacturer of the top quality grills, Weber has been able to hone its skills and applied it to their latest offering. Your guests will leave your parties highly satisfied thanks to the cooking power that the Weber 566002 Q 220 can lend to you. It’s one of the better BBQ grills for anyone, be it the beginner outdoor cook, the average dad on a Sunday picnic, or even the professional caterer embarking on a special outdoors gig. Many customers have considered it one of the best bbq grills after various purchases and reviews. With the Weber 566002 Q 220 Gas Grill, never worry about getting hassled by cooking outside again – with its various features, setting up and grilling food can be done in a flash. Weber are renowned for producing very good quality barbecue grills built to last and it is hard to find serious flaws in their products. Another model in the Weber Q range, the Q220 is no exception, let’s take a closer look.

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The Weber Q220 Gas Grill is made of cast iron and built to last, chock-full of features to assist both consummate outdoor cookers and beginner barbecue enthusiasts. The latest addition to Weber’s line of best BBQ grills comes with additional accessories that complement and assist any outdoor cooking attempt. The grill isn’t just sleek and shiny to look at; it also increases the cooking versatility of any event, making it a good marriage of performance and beauty. This grill isn’t just for show – when the chips are down and you really need to produce a feast, BBQ grills like the Weber Q220 Gas Grill delivers on both your food and your satisfaction.


Check out what one of the best BBQ grills right now has in store for its owners:

  • Quick-Activate : Avoid the hassle of turning on-turning off with the gas grill’s electronic, sure-fire ignition system.
  • Large Cooking Area – The Weber Q220 has 280-square-inches of cooking area, perfect for reasonably-sized picnics for the family.
  • Adjustable Burner Valve – Adjust the intensity of your cooking flames with an accurate burner valve and regulator. It’s one of thebest barbecue grills for cooking hamburgers and hotdogs, as well as other meats of similar nature because you can control the intensity of the heat and be assured of no fare ups.
  • Durable Lid and Body: With a cast-aluminum lid and a glass-reinforced nylon frame, porcelain enameled cast iron grate,  and a  handle designed to be weather resistant,  your Weber Q220 will project a neat, streamlined look that’s sure to raise approval from your guests, but best of all it is tough enough to last.
  • Cast Iron Grilling Surface: Long lasting and less sticking.
  • Work Tables – If you’re looking for a place to put ketchup, mustard, and other condiment bottles, the grill comes with 2 detachable Tuck-Away work tables that aren’t just tough, but are also capable of holding tools with its built-in tool holders.
  • Thermometer Built In – So you can make sure food is cooked thoroughly.
  • Weber Q Recipes –  Get perfect tips for your next picnic outing with the Weber limited edition booklet, which contains high-end recipes that’ll complement any of the best grills and add flavor to your next outdoor cooking session!
  • A Removable Grease Pan – Any grease will flow into the pan so less cholestrol for your arteries and easy cleaning
  • Five Year Limited Warranty – In case something goes wrong.
  • Super fast assembly -So you get to use your grill sooner.


Here are some of the other user reviews on the product:

“I live in a condo and have a good sized patio. I wanted a gas grill, but did not want to spend $300+. The Weber Q is a fantastic grill for the patio. The set up was simple, and all the materials are high quality….”

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“I don’t have a ton of grill experience but I wanted to get a portable-style one that would fit nicely on the balcony of my apartment. I’ve heard great things of the Weber brand and was originally looking at the Q100, but decided to splurge and go for the Q220 instead. What a great choice it was!

Setup was super easy, you have to assemble a few pieces but it’s very easy to do (just attaching the handle, lid and thermometer). You will notice at this point though how heavy this grill is, but that’s a good thing, the build quality is fantastic…”

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The Weber Q220 is a great grill but be advised that it does not come with a rolling or stationary cart or stand which are useful but not essential to use the grill. The gas tank you need is not included, you don’t get a tool kit and this model does not come with a  weather resistant cover, flavorizer or built in light that some models come equipped with. You can of course purchase all these separately as required.

At the end of the day, the absence of these features does not detract from the quality, solid construction and ability of  this great grill to cook delicious barbecue meals. All you really need is a gas tank to get going, and because this is a portable grill, you can take it anywhere. But for the sake of safety and ease of use, if you intend to use your grill in the garden or backyard, it is nice to have a cart to position it on and cart it around. If  you don’t have a cart and don’t want the added expenditure,  do ensure that you have somewhere stable to rest your grill on, not just a rickety old chair!

While the vast majority of customers were really happy with their grill, sung its praises, and highlighted its benefits, there was a common problem reported by some customers. A few customers complained that they had problems with the regulator which meant they experienced problems lighting up the grill. They said that although Weber were responsive to their complaints and offered replacements, they didn’t like having to wait for them to arrive, which is understandable. Other customers who experienced the same problem offered a solution.

However, a  few other customers pointed out that this problem can be resolved by switching off the gas tank and allowing the pressure to bleed off. Then turning on the valve very slowly so the gas travels to the gas line and regulator slowly and evenly and this stops the safety valve kicking in and stopping the gas flow. Some said, once they did this, they experienced no further problems.

One customer loved the grill but only gave the grill a score rating of 1 out of a maximum of 5 because the grill did not come with a flavorizer.  A couple of other customers mentioned that the grill needed to be preheated before it got really hot. Another customer referred to the side tables as flimsy and not to their liking.

Although there have been customers who had some issues, by far the vast majority had no problems and loved their new grills. They praised the quality build, the cast iron burners, the way the cooking surface seared the meat flavor and left grill marks on the meat. One of the most common positive comments about the grill was its high-flame capacity, with one customer saying that they were able to get up to 400 degrees even in cold weather, while another said that they were satisfied with how quick it took for the grill to reach cooking temperature. Other customers also gave out positive comments on the assembly and the size of the grill, saying that it the best BBQ grill for small and compact areas.Comments from customers like “The perfect grill”,“Excellent grill”, “Awsomeness!”, “It’s the greatest!” Reliable and solid grill” fill up the review pages.

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At the time of writing this, there were  over a hundred reviews on this product, a whopping 86 customers gave the Weber Q220 a straight five star rating and left glowing comments and praises.

With a total average score of 4.6 out of 5 on the official Amazon ratings scale, the Weber Q 220 Gas Grill proved to be another contender for the best barbecue grills Weber has produced so far, in terms of grilling power, footprint, cooking safety and ease of use. Built with quality components and designed for convenience and ease of use, this grill is a sure-fire choice for any outdoor cooking expedition, assuring less pack-up trouble, quality performance,  and delicious snacks and meals for you, your family and friends!

This grill is undoubtedly one of the best bbq grills for quality and versatility, and because it is portable, you can enjoy it in your garden, patio or balcony, outdoors while camping, in the park or at Grandma’s for the weekend. You can be sure it will deliver, despite its compact size.  However, if  you want more features included, space for you is not an issue and you would prefer a bigger barbecue grill to cater for larger gatherings and parties, then the Weber Q220 may not be the most suitable selection for your requirements. Instead you may want to read our review of the Weber Q320 model in the Weber Q series which is still portable but has the capacity to cook for larger numbers of people and comes loaded with features. At the moment you get $40 off the price and free shipping so now is the best time to buy if you want one.


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